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Paper Airplanes

Ride the multiple soundscapes

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Ye can’t get to Wichita, Kan., on a seafarin’ vessel. Fer this and plenty o’ other reasons, this rum weathered red beard has ne’er heard o’ Paper Airplanes. Wichita is where these sprogs call home. But thanks to Tall Ships taking over Tacoma, and pirates taking over t’ Weekly Volcano fer this issue — not to mention Paper Airplanes deciding to tour the Northwest — me’s gettin’ me chance now. Tuesday, July 8, Paper Airplanes will play Le Voyeur in Olympia. That makes t’ band pieces o’ eight for this space.

It might make me shipmates call me a lily-livered lass o’ a pirate, but t’ lush indie pop and multifaceted soundscapes Paper Airplanes arrrr becoming known for proved music to me buccann-ears. The Airplanes may just be enough to turn me landlubber — at least this Tuesday at Le Voyeur.

Avast, mateys! Paper Airplanes arrrr ye prog rock up and comers. Judgin’ by t’ bands debut release, 2007’s Boyhood, Paper Airplanes have found their flight path. Complex compositions sword fight friendly melodies, forcin’ convention to walk t’ plank. Bringin’ to mind other favorite pirate bands like t’ Flaming Lips and Pink Floyd, Paper Airplanes are anything but scurvy dogs. Paper Airplanes arrrrrrrrr booty worth findin’.

Lucky fer you, matey, Paper Airplanes will be in town this week. If yer more than a good fer nothing squiffy, ye’ll find a way to capture this show. — Smugglin’ Hubert Cutler

[Le Voyeur, with Martyrs of the Apollo Guild and Girl in a Coma, Tuesday, July 8, 10 p.m., no cover, 404 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia, 360.943.5710]

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