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Unstable Art

What I blew my paycheck on this week

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Referring to herself as, “the weird kid that draws well,” Andrea Trenbeath Lowen submitted a drawing to the famous Draw Me artistic evaluation from the Art Instruction Schools of Minnesota and won an art scholarship her freshman year of high school. As a youngster in Grand Forks, N.D., Lowen knew she was interested in art and design, but it wasn’t until college that she actually began drawing jewelry designs. Citing influences from H.R. Giger, concepts from religion, films and even cartoons like Dragon Ball Z, Lowen recognizes being unaware of clear influence until a piece of art or jewelry is completed.

A dual artisan, Lowen describes her jewelry as “much more mainstream and simple in terms of style” than her dark and surreal paintings. Inspired by nature and mythology, the jewelry tends to lean toward gothic fashion still. Whether scouring craft stores for paints, utilizing animal teeth and bones, semi-precious stones, copper, 18k gold, brass, sterling silver or ordering other raw materials and tools for jewelry designs from Rio Grande, Andrea sacrifices much of her potential social time for her art and creates every piece herself. Lowen is devoted almost fully to what she calls her “one woman show” to turn out pendant, rosary, necklace, and earring designs for her company Unstable Art.

Whether looking to decorate yourself or your home, visit to view Lowen’s designs and snap up a piece of memorable art. In warmer months, Unstable Art can be found at festivals and street fairs throughout the region. Look for Lowen the end of the month at downtown Tacoma’s Urban Art Festival.

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