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Plus: Food Matters, U of Eat, The Mix and Sippin’ out

By Volcano Staff on February 7, 2008

Café Hawaii

As I turned into the strip mall housing Café Hawaii, I caught myself muttering almost desperately, “Please let it be good.”

The small café was overly bright with a television blaring; an uncomfortable combination that urged me to get a to-go order and get the hell out of there. The kitchen was quick with my take-out.

Once home, I was dismayed by dry rice, bland macaroni salad, an oil slick coated bowl of curry beef stew, and pungent fishy salmon poke (Hawaiian ceviche).

Kahlua pork saved the day. Moist, medium salt content and cooked flesh that fell apart at the thought of being pierced by a fork lay in the Styrofoam container waiting to be rescued.

After many trips over the years to the islands to visit family and friends, I was glad to have a momentary connection through the memories this good meat brought on. Lau Lau is another adored dish; butterfish wrapped in taro leaves. The texture is off-putting to some — gooey, thoroughly cooked taro bundled around firm fish in a salty bath. To others, it is the best thing on earth. — Jennifer Johnson

[Café Hawaii, 14125 Pacific Ave. S., Parkland/ Tacoma. 253.531.2600]

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