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Glass Candy

Brotherhood hosts a night of unqiue sounds.

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According to Glass Candy’s MySpace page, the band resides in Hustle Town, USA. By the sound of their beat, Hustle Town must be a pretty sexy place.

In truth, Glass Candy calls Portland home, a city far hipper than it is sexy. But that’s not important.

Glass Candy will be heading our way Sunday, Feb. 10 to play what should be an amazing show at the Brotherhood Lounge in Olympia. It should be amazing because Glass Candy’s uber-stylized glam disco is as inventive as it comes, and Ida No and Johnny Jewel (the band’s two members) have their act perfected. Glass Candy has a couple of things going. No’s vocal presence, and by vocal presence I mean ability to sound like she could beat Blondie and David Bowie’s ass (and look better doing it), is second to none. No sounds like she’s from the future and might draw you close for a lustful lip lock, only to ram a jagged beer bottle into your guts and watch you bleed. Johnny Jewel would be there too, in the back of whatever seedy bar of the future you were in with Ida, laying down a soundtrack of hard-drive drumbeats and space age keyboard lines, the perfect soundtrack for a late night Sci –Fi Channel special.

Even on your death bed, you’d admit Glass Candy’s hotness.

Glass Candy at the Brotherhood in Olympia will be memorable, or at least I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t. There’s a reason this band from Portland can travel all over the world dispensing darkened disco and people line up. It’s because they’re good. Bottom line.

[The Brotherhood Lounge, Glass Candy, Joey Casio, Grab the Bat Killer, followed by Scream Club DJ set, Sunday Feb. 10, 9 p.m., $5, 119 Capitol Way N., Olympia, 360.352.4153]


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