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My Revolver

Portland band to rock Le Voyeur

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Now that I’m back from my year in America’s hippest city, Portland, living in Tacoma, there are many things I’m happy about. I’m happy my rent is cheaper. I’m happy to once again have a 253 prefix. I’m happy to be able to actually feel good about myself again. (In Portland everyone’s so effing cool that it’s sometimes hard.)

However, as you may recall, before I moved to Portland I lived in Olympia, and there are many things I miss about living in Oly. I miss the Broho’s jukebox. I miss the food at the Reef. I miss being able to drunkenly stumble between all the good bars in town.

And I seriously miss Le Voyeur.

For the entirety of 2007, I’ve been fawning, almost weekly, over Le Voyeur’s music calendar. For such a tiny place, the club continually lures interesting and talented (sometimes both) acts to Washington’s capital. This week, as should come as no surprise, they’ve done it again.

Friday, Jan. 4 (the first Friday of ‘08, yo!), My Revolver will set up shop at Le Voyeur, bringing their amped-up rock right along with them. In town and on tour from their home in San Francisco, there’s nothing artsy or fartsy about My Revolver — they simply pack a pure R&R punch that’ll be too good to miss out on Friday. A proud member of the F*** Yeah! record label family, which released the band’s self-titled debut in ‘07, there may not be a more appropriate pairing in all of music.

My Revolver will hit Le Voyeur in Olympia this Friday. There’s nothing Velvet about them. If you live in Oly you’re in store for a treat, and if you live in T-Town this one will be worth the drive.

[Le Voyeur, Friday, Jan. 4, 10 p.m., no cover, 404 E. Fourth Ave., Olympia, 360.943.5710]

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