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Digging the holidays

I totally get into the season

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While Natasha has been busy getting grumpy about the holidays, I absolutely love it. This season is one of my favorite times of the year.

Just today roommate Ian and I decorated for the season.

I broke out my actual Charlie Brown Christmas tree, we strung icicle lights around the mantle, and we hung one green stocking for Ian and one red stocking for me on snowflake stocking holders. Now I just have to figure out how we can get our names on those stockings, and I can’t wait to fill Ian’s!

Even better, it was so wonderful to welcome the first sight of snow in these lowlands while nestled inside Mr. Sienna’s living room with a view.

The number one thing that I’m looking forward to this Christmas is that I’m taking the week off from work, Dec. 21 until Jan. 1.  I don’t have a damn thing planned except encountering a delightful Christmas Eve and day, what will likely be an awesome birthday on Dec. 26 and ringing in the new year with some sort of plans that I’m sure will be fantastic.

The one item that Natasha isn’t grumpy about this winter, and that I’m equally stoked on, is the opening of Crystal Mountain. We’re planning on heading up as much as possible this season, which will be an excellent supplement to my Bringin’ Sexy Back exercise regimen.

I’m also truly looking forward to getting snowed in here on McKinley Hill. Jason and Jaime from the Top of Tacoma have moved into the neighborhood (WELCOME!!!), which means that I’ll never have to get claustrophobic in case we can’t get down our steep hill (plus their café will likely open this month!).

And of course, I’ll be checking out some of those December shows that Natasha is rappin’ about.

But in the meantime, I’ve been hitting up all kinds of social engagements and having a blast.

More stressful than shopping

Last week Ian and I went to the Grand Cinema to see “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.” Those kinds of thrillers really aren’t in my best interest because I always try to immerse myself in the sentiments of the characters. The acting in that flick is impeccable, the character development is undeniable, but the whole movie is so stressful that I swore I was going to get a cold sore from experiencing it. Regardless, supporting the Grand Cinema is one of my favorite things to do.


Speaking of support, Natasha and I dashed into the Inspired Elegance fund-raiser for Tacoma Art Place at Stadium Bistro last weekend where two of Tacoma’s finest fashion designers, Daniel Blue and Lisa Fruichantie, worked with aspiring designers to create wearable art in a 24-hour time span. I had such a good time there chatting with Hottie Holly, Dashing Darrin, Jamie Chase, Mama Jess, Mizz Mandilicious, winking at Shari Hart, all while admiring the amazing Linda Danforth who founded Tacoma Art Place. We enjoyed a scrumptious five-course dinner (I LOVED the butternut squash soup) and eyed the aspiring designers who donned their work on platforms. My favorite was the baby-doll dress.

After the event, we HAD to roll to Doyle’s for some celebratory champagne where I got to make a new friend, the amazing and beautiful Robbi Firestone. She’s an artist who just moved here from Los Angeles for her beau and she’s lovin’ on Tacoma just as much as I do. ’Twas such a pleasure to make her acquaintance.

Even better, I also got to run into two of my favorite peeps: Edible Ed and Xitco Xpress. I love those guys!

Parking it at the Parkway

Then, of course, I had a Friday night, too. K-Love and I moseyed into the Parkway after work, and Nate Dog met us. Then I busted back home, Syd Vicious joined me for an impromptu dance party, and we hop-scotched into the Top of Tacoma, which was FULL of celebrities like Ebony, Battle, El Presidente, Heidi, Mr. Sienna and J-Rod.

Sunday, Ian and I caught the Seahawks game at the West End (GO HAWKS!).

I’m so happy to have all of these people and places in my life and watch this city turn into a winter wonderland.

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