Boot Call

Boots are back this season.

By Julie Jordan on December 20, 2007

They were her grandmother’s. She bought them during a trip to Guyana. It seemed like all of my favorite wintertime boots belonged to someone else and were pretty much unattainable. Of course that was before I went on my annual shopping excursion in search of the perfect pair of fashionable fall footwear.

Boots are definitely back this winter, but they’re not the same ol’ trendy ones we saw last year. I’d rather have navel surgery than see another pair of those suede, fur-lined moccasin boots. Ugh. For ’07, designers have modernized some of the classics and are mixing it up with a variety of textures, details and heel heights.

For those of you who like to be comfy, don’t fret. Flat boots can be just as sexy and fashionable as high heeled ones. They have such versatility, so don’t put them on lockdown when spring comes. These look awesome with short skirts and don’t have the same hooker quality a mini and stilettos do. For winter, pair them with mid-calf sweater dresses or pants, tucked in or left out.

Nordstrom has a treasure chest of flats right now. I spotted these bad boys at their Tacoma Mall location and was immediately smitten. They’re made of chocolate brown leather, embroidered with silk thread and a lime green knit border on top. To my surprise, they were made by Puma, who really spiced things up this season, taking an unexpected twist on the cowboy boot. If style and comfort made sweet love, these puppies would be their illegitimate offspring. They also come in black with a lilac knit border. With a $125 price tag, I resisted, but maybe Saint Nick will bring them for Christmas. Hint hint. Wink wink.

During a short jaunt up north, I checked out what the Seattleites were shopping for this Christmas. Nordstrom’s Seattle store puts the smackdown on Tacoma’s, and it was here that I came across these adorable mid-calf boots made by Sugar. For the girly girl in all of us, they’re pink and green plaid with pink bows at the side to adjust the fit. The inside is lined with faux fleece, which feels like the coziest of house slippers when on. The sweet thing about these boots are the rubber sole and toe, so although they look fragile, they can even be worn in our drizzly weather. These also come in a dark brown if all the pink makes you puke in your mouth a little, and at $74.95, you can walk away with your bank account somewhat unscathed.

Just a hop and a skip and I was at Barney’s next. For those who can lay down the loot for a pair of high quality s***kickers, this is the place for you. These distressed leather motorcycle boots are made by Fiorentini + Baker. They’ll run you a cool $445.00 but are well worth it. I caught other ladies staring at them alongside me. These are the type of shoes that just look expensive. Could it have been that I was standing in Barney’s New York? Possibly, but leather that soft should be outlawed. They had a nice sheen to them, heavy wooden soles, and three straps going around with buckles on the outer side. I imagined wearing my old Levis tucked into them, a white tee and some dangly earrings. Then I decided it best that I pay my mortgage this month and drove to Ross.

Over the years, I’ve matured as a shopper, come to ignore the size on the tag and the name on the label. So, I’m all for shopping at discount stores. At Ross on 38th Street in Tacoma, I scored a pair of crocodile, stiletto, ankle-high boots for only $14.99. Now that’s more like it. They’re made by Joey, which also makes awesome pumps for super cheap. They have a cute scalloped detail at the top, which adds a bit of femininity to their sauciness. Want to look sinfully good without even trying? Put these on with a skirt or dress, and they’ll flatter your gams like nobody’s business. Plus, with the deep, rich colors and shine, they appear far more costly than they actually are.

So, ‘tis the season for boot shopping. There’s a plethora of choices: flat, heels, tall, short, cheap, expensive. And they say money can’t buy happiness. Pfft. What a crock.

[Nordstrom, 4502 S. Steele #800, Tacoma, 253.475.3630]

[Nordstrom, 500 Pine St., Seattle, 206.628.2111]

[Barney’s New York, Pacific Place, 1420 Fifth Ave. # 110, Seattle, 206.622.6300]

[Ross Dress for Less, 2931 S. 38th St., Tacoma, 253.474.3888]