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The Pasties

A band of fun lovin’ entertainers

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I like to support unorthodox music venues — if for no other reason than strange music venues provide writers like me an instant lead-in.

I’m lazy like that.

When the Pasties recently played under the Fourth Avenue bridge in Olympia, and Bobble Tiki mentioned the show on the Weekly Volcano’s Spew, I thought to myself, “Now, self, there’s an unorthodox music venue. Keep an eye on those Pasties.”

Apparently, the Pasties feel where I’m coming from on the strange venue front. Not only did the band play under a bridge last month, but on Saturday, Nov. 17, the Pasties will set up shop at the Black Lake Grange in Olympia, located at 6011 Black Lake Blvd. They’ll be joined by the Grizzle Grazzle Trash Can Band, Mudcat, and Cabin Kind. The show will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Olympia’s Blue Heron Bakery (Mmmm … apple-cinnamon turnovers ...)

“There those Pasties go again — self.” I thought when I heard about their show at the Black Lake Grange.

“It’s not under a bridge, but still, self, fairly strange. I bet I can milk a hundred words out of this. What exactly is a grange anyway?”

As it turns out, according to “The Grange is America’s oldest farm-based fraternal organization. We are a non-partison, grassroots advocacy group for rural citizens with both legislative probrams and community activities such as talent and craft contests, scholarships, youth programs and camps, and much more.”

It’s not under a bridge, but how can you deny “probrams” and “non-partison” and the over use of the word “and”?

I know I can’t.

The Pasties are an “orchestral army headquartered in Olympia,” at least according to the Internet. But you could have found that yourself. What you might not know is the band’s way left of center shenanigans, along with their affinity for the banjo, the color pink, danceable tunes, and unorthodox music venues, makes the Pasties über-entertaining. If nothing else, they’re original.

[Black Lake Grange, Saturday, Nov. 17, 8 p.m., $5, 6011 Black Lake Blvd., Olympia,]

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