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Christmas is in 40 days. I’m not sounding the alarm or anything; I’m just putting it out there. Forty days.

Where am I coming from?

I have a large family. I want to get them each something fantastic, something they will cherish. I want to continue to cover rent and eat regular meals, too. And I want to still have money and means to experience art and culture, so I don’t fuse to my couch like the lady in that gross but true story. Yuck.

Here’s how I’m going to wow the familia with heartfelt experience gifts. Super cool Web site has the hook-up on discounts on great things like group tickets for the Northwest Ballet, buy one-get one free admission to Northwest Chamber Chorus performances, Pay What You Can Night at Tacoma Little Theatre and offers on mid-week discounted museum admission. Take budding musician nephews to see the Tacoma Concert Band for free. 

Discounted tickets to the “Big Friendly Giant” make it easy to spring for hot chocolate for you and the little kiddies in your life after the Seattle Children’s Theatre performance.

Who’s cooler? The auntie that bought you that sweater you never wear or the one that takes you to amazing places to see amazing things?

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