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Tacoma Fashion Carnival

Indie fashion show held at 21 Commerce

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Fashion junkies will get their fill with the Tacoma Fashion Carnival Sunday, Nov. 11, at 21 Commerce. Designer Lisa Fruichantie, among others, will showcase new work, Transcendence, and a variety of this past year’s creations along with new French cabaret inspired couture reminiscent of silent film queens, French cabaret and show girls. Fruichantie states, her “…ever evolving and eclectic mix of Transcendence designs are inspired by texture, color, sound, movement and things normally found only in nature.” She incorporates them all in this indie fashion show.

Fruichantie spent much time designing costumes for a variety of up-and-coming choreographers including Zoe Scofiels, Selfick Ng-Simancas, Maika Misumi, Joel Myers and Donald Byrd. Designs range from elaborate headdresses, faux fur, feathers, leather and men’s dress wear to Japanese kimonos. “All of which inspire such eclectic range that only a fashion show ‘carnival’ seems appropriate enough to highlight such a mixture,” she explains.

Fruichantie incorporates some of these costumes — some elegant, some vagabond — into her showcase.

“I have quite an entourage of models for this show,” she says. “The costumes are so different — it’s hard to classify because together it almost appears to have no true rhyme or reason”.

A Meet the Designers event will follow the show at urbanXchange around the corner from 21 Commerce.

[21 Commerce, Sunday, Nov. 11, 4 p.m., $8-$12, 21st and Commerce, Tacoma, 253.272.6278]

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