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Junior Bizzare and more

What I blew my paycheck on this week

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Junior Bizarre

The lovely ladies from Junior Bizarre are having a party Friday.

Yay, party, yay!

Wait, what is Junior Bizarre?

Well, since you asked, it’s a sweet little clothing shop on Antique Row next to Sanford and Son Antiques that sells “hand-picked thrift” with an emphasis on vintage. The Junior Bizarre ladies take the time to go out and gather up all the great stuff they’d love to wear, and then they sell them at fair prices. Junior Bizarre has clothing for gentlemen and ladies as well as jewelry, hats ($4), shoes ($2-$10), vintage logo tees ($5-$10), you name it, to complete a hot outfit.

Yay, shopping, yay!

Friday, Nov. 2, the shop plays host to an evening full of fun with art reception for Claire Yuckett and Geoff Weeg, who just got hitched and will have original art on display. During the party, get 20 percent off everything in the store (I’m so there), free refreshments and snacks and secret entrance to the live music show at Sanford and Son to see bands Tough Times and F***ing Eagles (7:30 p.m. $5). Art reception is free. Shopping spree will cost ya.

[Junior Bizarre, Friday, Nov. 2, 6-11 p.m., 739 Broadway, Tacoma, 253.779.0129]

Appassionato live

As promised, here’s the report on my microdermabrasion treatment at Appassionato Image Studio last week.

Licensed esthetician and makeup artist Lucinda Johnson (no relation to me) greeted me warmly, had me fill out some questionnaires on my skin care and health history, then took me up to one of their quite, softly lit, relaxing rooms. I was given a super soft robe and booties for my feet and then laid down on a heated bed under warm blankets. Lucinda explained the microdermabrasion process in great detail to ease any concerns I may have had (I had none) and started the procedure. As expected (and informed ahead of time), I experienced very mild prickling sensations and slight stinging that went away quickly. Lucinda kept checking with me to be sure of my comfort level and talked to me the whole time in a soothing voice. An hour went by in a blur, and the process finished.

I was delighted at silky, smooth skin all over my face. I could visibly see that the dullness under my eyes and on my cheekbones was gone. I won’t say I looked years younger after a single session, but this is definitely worth repeats. Appassionato offers package deals on multiple sessions and also offers chemical peels for the face and body.

[Appasionato Salon, 1404 Willow Road E., Fife, 253.973.9364]

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