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Dining in DuPont

All the world’s a restaurant in DuPont

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There are few places in the South Sound where diners can travel through a world trip of food selections without having to get a passport.

DuPont is becoming on of those locations, alongside Olympia\'s Fourth Avenue, Tacoma\'s Sixth Avenue and Pacific Avenue and the City of Destiny\'s Freighthouse Square.

The city of 8,000 people might seem like a small town, but its location next to Fort Lewis and its three off-ramps from Interstate 5 make it a quick destination to eat for a much wider group of food seekers.

Here is a quick tour of the city\'s restaurant district, which is all within walking distance of the main business drag of Wilmington:

Tops on the destination hole-in-the-wall restaurants is Bruceski\'s Buffalo Wings and Pizza, a small storefront that offers New York pizza and back-East chicken wings.

The joint delivers to Fort Lewis and DuPont addresses, making it a go-to place to call as soldiers head home from work. About 30 percent of its customers are associated with the military, although that percentage jumps to more than half on Mondays when military personnel get a discount.

The pizza is hefty and the wings make eyes water. Good times.

It\'s pizza rival is Farrelli\'s Pizza, a wood-fire pizza place that offers cold crafted beers and cheesy slices that are so filling eaters might want to hibernate after policing off one of these signature meat pies. The burgers seem as big as a toddler\'s head and generally require eaters to loosen their belts a hole or two before heading home.

And of course there is Harbor Rock Bar and Grill, a tasty eatery that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, which are often punctuated with a beer, pizza or burger, and whatever sports game happens to be on at the time. Hang around long enough and eaters might even lose a few rounds of pool.

For Asian food, there are a handful of restaurants: i Sushi-Teriyaki, a mid-range

Japanese fusion restaurant; KoKo\'s Teriyaki and Chinese Cuisine for takeout and then there is the big dog of the yard, Super Buffet Chinese Restaurant. The Country Buffet of Chinese food offers rows of soups, salads, sea food, chicken, beef or pork option. This is the place to go when you want to just sit and grind down food the way only Americans can.

The next stop on the trip is Viva Mexico. It\'s a standard stucco sort of a place that serves beans and rice the way momma used to do.

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