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Christy Reedy

Fashion was on parade at the Dead Artist\'s Ã'¼rbanaÃ'¼t party last Saturday

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The Weekly Volcano finds excitement when all the elements of style end up under the same roof: groundbreaking, ingenious design, cutting-edge fashion, and the most progressive of music.

Therefore, we found ürbanaüt last Saturday at Sanford & Son Antiques very exciting.

We also found interior designer Christy Reedy’s outfit that night exciting.

She looked hot in her Betty Blue coat from Seattle over an Urban Outfitters sweatshirt that zips up and encloses her head in a square. Her tights, $15-$20, are also from Urban Outfitters.

Her skirt was vintage Lip Service, which can be found at Hot Topic in the Tacoma Mall.

Her boots? Check out Nice!

Her hair is her own creation.

“The earrings? Can’t remember. I’ve had them forever,” Reedy explains.

Her lipstick, raspberry flavor with gold flecks, is by Bourjois in France. You can grab some at

Wrapping up the pretty package is Aromatics Elixir by Clinique, found at Macy’s.

Reedy also works at Posh Home.

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