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Friday, Nov. 2 / Museum of Glass, Tacoma

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Beautiful Angle, Victory Music and the Weekly Volcano received the Tacoma Art Commission’s AMOCAT Award Friday night. — Suzy Stump

“Orpheus in the Underworld”

Sunday, Nov. 4 / Rialto Theater, Tacoma

Sunday’s performance of “Orpheus in the Underworld” delighted audiences with anachronistic costuming including Converse sneakers and Lycra, as well as a fun retelling of a tragic Greek myth. The only things lacking in the afternoon were reverence — both to the austere art form that is Opera and to entities like deities and social constraints — and tragedy. The gods are excited to go to the party in Hell, the wife is mostly delighted to be dead, the ferryman of Styx barks like a happy puppy, and there’s plenty of levity to share.

Throw in some excellent music, strong voices, and the great ambience of the Rialto, and you have me asking for more, please! — Jessica Corey-Butler


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