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Scene of the Crime: Add acme to the list

Steve Campagna has a seat for you on Tacoma Avenue

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In case you’re not good at addition and subtraction, let me do a bit of math so you can begin to pull together a phenomenon that’s consuming our Tacoma nightlife.

Bars and vicinities that were once magnets for degenerates, crooks, hookers, gangsters and worthless people are quickly being eliminated throughout our fair city, and what’s being added in their place is the work of admirable and ambitious entrepreneurs with cool hipster businesses.

Here are just a few examples: Denise and Michelle from Tempest Lounge, Laura from Monsoon Room, Jaime and Jason from the Top of Tacoma Bar, and all of the business owners along Sixth Avenue and Pacific Avenue.

In keeping with that, here’s another entrepreneur who has taken on this same risk and is doing an admirable job of flipping his space: Steve Campagna from Acme Grub Cage on Tacoma Avenue.

All of the aforementioned entrepreneurs know that if you want to toss dirtbags out of your bar and geographies, the essentials include remodeling the establishment, serving quality beers and drinks, and a zero-tolerance attitude toward miscreants.

But there’s one other thing that places in transition need to make a complete turnaround: YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!

I believe that it’s my personal responsibility to walk down suspicious streets to make the shady people uncomfortable amongst whatever crap they’re trying to pull. The same goes for strutting my stuff into a bar in transition to show that good people will replace the bad ones.

Now is the time to offer that same kind of infiltration at the Acme. Here’s why:
Campagna absolutely gutted this place that’s been a bar for a whopping 75 years (no, he doesn’t sell food). This space includes a long, comfortable bar; five or so free-standing tables, two pool tables, a dart board and a juke box.

While banishing the hooligans (with much-appreciated assistance from the Tacoma Police Department), Campagna has also gotten rid of the taps that were dominated by s***ty beer and replaced them with a mix of Bud and Miller products, along with a rotating selection of microbrews. The latest on tap are Blue Moon, Longhammer IPA and Isssaquah Brewing’s Menage A Frog.

In addition, Campagna held a sweet Halloween party and packed his house. He recently started hosting bands in the Acme, which he’s planning on doing once a month. He’ll also be throwing in Wi-Fi very soon, and he’s considering adding hard alcohol.

So what more do you need, my lovely, good-hearted peeps? Do the right thing and show Campagna your love because he, and all of the work he’s done to improve his community, is very worth it.

The proof is in the pudding, my people: Tacoma will only improve if we band together to dropkick losers out of our bars and our city.

Let’s get em!

[Acme Grub Cage, 1310 Tacoma Ave. S., Tacoma, 253.272.1892]

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