Strike a pose

Carmen offers her beauty tips

By Carmen Jones on October 4, 2007

While Natasha’s been hawking Bravo’s “Top Chef,” I’ve been tuning into “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style,” which actually led me to a fairly drastic decision this week: I cut most of my long hair off.

Previously, my flaxen hair fell to just above my booty, but I decided that change was desperately needed. So I marched into Embellish and told the sweet pea Gracy that I didn’t want to be a hippie anymore.

Now my hair is resting just below my shoulders with some light layering at the bottom, and I have to thank Gracy for making me so beautiful.

Those of you who know me shouldn’t cry for the hair that I said goodbye to. The early reports are that the new do looks great.

Of course, all of that girlin’ got me thinking that each of has our own beauty tips, and I’d like to offer you a few of my very own.

For starters, this may totally gross you out, but I don’t wash my face. Fortunately, I was blessed with normal, clear skin, and I usually wear make up only on the weekends. A dermatologist once told me that if I can get away with it, I’m probably better off, so that’s how I roll.

Back to that hair topic, I usually go at least two or three days without washing it, and I never color or perm it. I’m sure that’s why it’s so healthy and shiny. I also pluck my eyebrows every other day.

But your Carmen Jones isn’t exactly all natural — I have some faux flair, too.

The glow of my skin is far from organic. I go tanning once a week at Urban Tanning Spa (I LOVE that place), and I also use Jergens Natural Glow face lotion. Both help me maintain my sunny disposition.

I also get my French tip nails and pedicures at a new place that just opened within walking distance of my house (HOORAY!): Angel Nails.

People often wonder why my hair smells so good, and that’s because I spray my aphrodisiac Quelques Fleur perfume on my wrists and my hair gets one half-squirt on each side.

When you add all of these things together, you get me, a girl who’s selectively dirty, but glistening all the same.

Wrinkle-free Wednesday

One of our best friends that Natasha went to college with, Joy, rolled into Tacoma from Ellensburg for a conference Wednesday. We were so excited to introduce her to Asado immediately upon arrival. I ordered the herb salad, Natasha got the hanger steak, and Joy got the gnocchi. We also ordered sides of roasted corn and Peruvian purple mashed potatoes. Clark W. Griswald was so sweet in sending out a side of amazing asparagus with delicious sauce, and he surprised us with a dessert sampler (and I’m still having dreams about the purse with gooey goodness). Joy was impressed with everything we had, and she fell in love with Asado just like the rest of us. That was such a perfect night.

Exfoliating Thursday

After an extremely stressful and long day at work, I put on a new face and was thankfully whisked away by Pete and Kent to Hank’s Corner Bar for the Fishtail Brewery night. There I was lucky to run into so many of my cool softball teammates and fans in Bruce, Marian, Jean, Kate and Sue. It was also great to hang with Kent, Pete and the world-famous Red. All of my work woes disappeared after that.

The Fucking Eagles are beautiful

I spent the rest of my weekend following my favorite Tacoma band, the Fucking Eagles. They played Friday to start off R-Ocktoberfest at Doyle’s and then again Saturday at Hell’s Kitchen where they played with Girl Trouble and Dick Dale. The Doyle’s show was so fun, heart-thumping and intoxicating that I cabbed it home at 1 a.m. The Hell’s Kitchen show, amongst all three bands, oozed with sexiness, especially with the shirtless lead singer, Dale, who gave us inviting pelvic thrusts and the melodic and erotic guitar riffs from Dick Dale.

Last but not least, I have to give praise to the Fucking Eagles because their music always makes my bronze face smile from ear to ear.