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Scary Day the right way

Bobble Tiki’s up for a little ska/punk this Halloween

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Bobble Tiki loves all holidays — or most of them anyway. Bobble Tiki loves Christmas because he loves getting presents. Bobble Tiki loves Thanksgiving because he loves stuffing his face. And Bobble Tiki loves Halloween because he loves dressing up like a damn fool.

While Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, and that may be enough to curb some people’s enthusiasm on the 31st, not Bobble Tiki.

Bobble Tiki’s a gamer. He gives 110 percent every holiday, whether it’s convenient or not. Sure, it’d be a lot easier if Halloween was on a Friday or Saturday, and you could get all liquored up without worrying about work in the morning, but it didn’t work out like that.

Halloween’s on Wednesday this year. Pros will deal with it. It can either ruin things for you or inspire you to lift your Halloween game to a whole new level.

Bobble Tiki’s inspired. He wants it more.

So what is Bobble Tiki’s costume this year? Glad you asked. Bobble Tiki has it narrowed down to a few options:

  • Bobble Tiki may go as Shaun Alexander, and lay down every time he runs into someone at the Volcano’s Halloween party.

  • Bobble Tiki may go as Senator Larry Craig. Like Mr. Craig, Bobble Tiki has a “wide stance.”

  • Or Bobble Tiki may go as Brittney Spear’s new lips, but he’s not sure if he wants to gross people out.

Whatever Bobble Tiki goes as, one of the events he’ll enjoy this Halloween is the early all-ages show at Hell’s Kitchen with MDC and Citizen Fish. The show starts at 6 p.m., and Durango 95 and the Extinct are also on the bill. MDC is legendary within the world of punk, and English ska/punks Citizen Fish have been around the block a few times, too. Together, there’s not a better Halloween show in town. Bobble Tiki only hopes the kids of Tacoma realize what they’re being offered.

MDC, as you’ll probably remember, came to town in August. The band calls Portland home making frequent South Sound shows possible. Heading 130 miles north to Tacoma and Hell’s Kitchen is nothing compared to some of the jaunts MDC has taken over the years. Whether you look at MDC as Millions of Dead Cops, Millions of Deformed Children, Multi Death Corporations, Millions of Damn Christians, or just a seminal punk band, we can only consider ourselves lucky they continue to grace T-Town with their presence. For staunch vegans, Bobble Tiki thinks MDC is the cat’s meow.

Citizen Fish, on the other hand, reside on the other side of the world — literally. Based out of Bath, England, Citizen Fish will kick off a U.S. tour at Hell’s Kitchen on Halloween and play gigs around the country through November.

Of course, the story of Citizen Fish really starts with the Subhumans. Singer Dick Lucas, who joined the Subhumans in 1980, founded Citizen Fish after the Subhumans ceased to be. The Subhumans are often referred to as an “anarcho-punk” band, and with many of the same ideals, Bobble Tiki assumes you could refer to Citizen Fish as an anarcho-punk-ska band.

Usually, when Bobble Tiki thinks of ska, he thinks of early No Doubt and that little shiny thing Gwen Stefani used to wear on her forehead. Citizen Fish is nothing like that little shiny thing Gwen Stefani used to wear on her forehead. Though the band definitely employs a horn section and the same guitar upstroke No Doubt utilized to sell more records than Citizen Fish ever imagined, that’s about the only similarity. No Doubt was uber-soft. Citizen Fish have the battle scars to prove they’re time tested. Typically, Citizen Fish write songs about politics and important social issues. Occasionally, they’ll sing about veganism — much like MDC. To the best of Bobble Tiki’s recollection, the only thing No Doubt ever wrote about was that shiny little thing Gwen Stefani used to wear on her forehead (although Bobble Tiki admits his memory is hazy).

Citizen Fish and MDC will play an early all-ages show at Hell’s Kitchen on Halloween, Wednesday, Oct. 31. Don’t be a loser. Just because Halloween’s on Wednesday doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. It’s one day out of the year, and if your boss gives you any crap for coming in hung-over Thursday, just tell him Bobble Tiki made you do it. That ought to help.

Naturally, Bobble Tiki doesn’t give a crap what you do this weekend because he doesn’t even know you. Besides, Bobble Tiki’s still trying to figure out how in the hell the Rockies made it to the World Series, and why they wear purple. Unless you can help Bobble Tiki answer these questions, he’s pretty sure he doesn’t need you. Join Bobble Tiki for breakfast, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at www.weeklyvolcanospew. com, and consider yourself lucky.

[Hell’s Kitchen, Wednesday, Oct. 31, 6 p.m., all ages, $10, 3829 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.759.6003]

Bobble Tiki is going out of his head via e-mail at and

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