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Letz Eat Now

Say, â€"I’m not getting off the couch” and mean it.

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Letz Eat Now delivers food. Simple idea, and yet, how very ingenious. Imagine you’re at the beauty shop getting very precise Elvira “Mistress of Dark-Queen of the Night” makeup applied when your huge wig unravels. The hairdresser freaks. You’re stuck there till 6 p.m. with plans for a little spooky 7 p.m. shindig with fun food for friends at your place 20 miles away. Reaching for the phone to call your friends and bail, you remember Letz Eat Now. You pick a restaurant, order and have the food delivered right to your door as you roll up in a big black rented hearse. Tragedy averted.

More than 20 choices of restaurants, which also includes pizza. Plus, Letz Eat Now teams up with Dinners Ready, Papa Johns Take & Bake, and Big Mealz offering delivery of family-style dishes you cook at home. Fool your family; let ’em think you made Sole and Pesto Shrimp in a Lemon Cream Sauce. Thankfully, Letz Eat Now or LEN, as we affectionately call it, has reasonable minimum order amounts, and fuel and delivery fees.

LEN makes it possible to say, “I’m not getting off the couch” and

mean it.

Open Tuesday to Sunday. Set delivery times for lunch and dinner. Oh yeah, LEN will do the grocery shopping for you, too.  Get your LEN on at (253) 845-5111 or

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