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Intervision vision

Isn't this the third mention of this show on this site? Ridiculous.

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Like many people here at the Weekly Volcano, Bobble Tiki gets a lot of mail. Sometimes Bobble Tiki gets good mail, and sometimes it’s not so good.

On the not-so-good side, the IRS is currently trying to levy Bobble Tiki for not reporting profits received from autograph sessions at collectable shows. To date, Bobble Tiki has made nearly 27 dollars putting his John Hancock on various clippings and empty bottles of Wild Turkey — and he’s reported none of it to Uncle Sam. When the big, official looking envelope showed up from the IRS, Bobble Tiki knew he was in trouble. When he got called into the Human Resources office, Bobble Tiki knew he was getting levied. (What the hell does "Human Resources" mean, anyway?)

Then there’s the good mail. A few weeks ago Bobble Tiki received a stuffed manila envelope from the band Intervision, who will be up from Portland to play Jazzbones Saturday, Oct. 20. Inside was a copy of Intervision’s second record, Shades of Neptune, released earlier this year. The envelope also contained a brief bio, describing Intervision as "soul/R&B/Pop-rock," and saying the group combines "elements of soul, rock, jazz, and pop, the quintet is earning lofty comparisons to bands like Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, and Jamiroquai, yet have created their own intensely unique sound."

Bobble Tiki loves Steely Dan and Jamiroquai. What can he say? Call him left handed if you must, but Bobble Tiki wasted no time throwing on Shades of Neptune during his drive home. Over the exhausted whining of Bobble Tiki’s piece of crap car, Intervision sounded like a band Bobble Tiki simply had to know more about.

Singer Paul Creighton, guitarist Tony Stovin, keyboardist Kit Taylor, bassist Mike Glidden, saxophonist Joshua Cliburn and drummer Jon Barber met at Clackamas Community College, located south of Portland in Oregon City. At the time, it was 2004, and the six friends who would form Intervision probably didn’t realize that within a few years they’d be playing Portland’s massive, Willamette Week sponsored, MusicFEST NW, or opening for the Neville Brothers. What the six friends probably did realize is they shared a passion for crafting challenging compositions with pop sensibility, and that they weren’t half bad at it.

"Each of us has our own influences that we bring to the table," explains Barber.
"But we definitely share a core listening, a place we’re all coming from."

Shades of Neptune is Intervision’s second full length record. The band released its first record, Inside, in June of 2005. Back then, the band was known as Intervision 5, and much like their name, the band’s sound was still developing. The soulful rock elements that Intervision has come to rely on were evident, but the band hadn’t reached maturity.

Where Inside showed promise, Shades of Neptune shows arrival.

"This record was a big step for us. We tried to branch out with this one," says Barber.

"I wouldn’t say we tried to go in a different direction, that’s just how it turned out. I’m still very happy with Shades of Neptune.

"We appeal to a wide variety of people. Our listening audience is very diverse. We’re very energetic, the music is danceable, and our songs have lyrics you can relate to. I think it took us a little while to find our niche, but now we’re there. We’re just trying to spread the word about Intervision."

Intervision will play Jazzbones Saturday, Oct. 20. Tacoma’s Phil O’Sullivan of Nouveau Rich and the Glass Family fame is also on the bill. He’ll be pumping the release of his first solo record, Mystery Romance, which will hit stores Oct. 23. Bobble Tiki isn’t very good at managing his money — as the IRS can attest to, but he knows a first-rate show when he sees one.

Intervision is a band you’ll want to familiarize yourself with. O’Sullivan is an artist worth reintroducing yourself to. Together, the show will be hard to beat.

Check out Intervision at

As you may have guessed, Bobble Tiki doesn’t give a crap what you do this week because Bobble Tiki doesn’t even know you. That’s been Bobble Tiki’s line for as long as he can remember, and he sees no sense changing it now. Actually, if you’re a tax lawyer or can help Bobble Tiki settle his dispute with the IRS for pennies on the dollar, then maybe Bobble Tiki does want to meet you. If you don’t fit the bill, join Bobble Tiki for breakfast, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at That’s about as close as you’re going to get.

[Jazzbones, with Phil O’Sullivan and Damon Costillo, 9 p.m., all ages, $8-$10, 2803 Sixth_Ave., Tacoma, 253.396.9169]

Bobble Tiki is going out of his head via e-mail at and

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