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Classical, Antique Sundays

Long-standing tradition warms up cool and cloudy days

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These are the standard sounds of the restaurant on this Sunday afternoon: the hiss and rumble of the espresso machine, the metal-on-stoneware “tink” as food is eaten, the indistinct snippets of conversation melding with the rumble of the Harley Davidson motorcycles outside.

And then, from one motorcycle’s sound system Black Sabbath blares, creating an interesting contrast of sounds against the classical guitar being strummed by Geoffrey Klok.

This is the Antique Sandwich Company’s Classical Music Sunday, an event that’s been in existence for nearly 25 years.

Tammy Herridge, one of the owners of the Antique, recalls the inception of this cultural tradition in Tacoma. “It was a collaboration; we (knew) that it would be cool.”

Tara O’Neil and Dick Meyer headed up the event at that time, finding the acts and putting on the show. 

“Dick opened a store in Olympia, and Franko (Fountaine, the gent who acts as emcee and general, congenial host on Sundays) and David Hirst took over.”

Describing the men as “major classical music lovers,” Herridge explains that their connectedness within the classical music community makes the cozy Sundays possible.

“It’s this really cool scene, we really love it, and the people that come here do, too,” summarizes Herridge.

She adds, “Sometimes the food we make gets noisy. That’s the only drawback.”

As a large group sits listening to Klok play a Spanish piece, individuals come in to the coffee shop after outings to Point Defiance Park on this sunny Sunday.  This is an early-season anomaly, though; as fall progresses into winter, fewer family park outings will mean a more serious listening crowd will assemble.

And the assembled entertainers will heat up as well, with a diverse lineup that includes the Brass Unlimited Quartet, on Oct. 21.  Of that quartet, Herridge exclaims, “We love them because we don’t have to worry about the noise in the kitchen!”

Herridge also gives thumbs up to the Emerald City Mandolin Quartet, coming Sunday Nov. 4, commenting, “They get a little goofy and just have fun. They’re masters at their craft.”

Other performers run the range from teachers to students; Klok spent five years as a student and has been teaching through Metro Parks for the last five years, while other acts, like South Sound Strings, a trio playing on Nov. 25, are teachers as well as professional performers: Violinists Mary Manning and Gwen Taylor are members of  the Northwest Sinfonietta, while Margaret Thorndill plays in the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra.

On the student side of the spectrum, playing on Dec. 2, Jeannie Hill & the Northwest Flute Collegium brings “an entourage of youthful performers,” according to the schedule available at the Antique Sandwich Company.

Admission is first come, first seated, with contributions open but recommended. Music begins at 3 p.m. Classical Music Sunday runs through the beginning of spring.

[The Antique Sandwich Company, 5102 N. Pearl St., Tacoma, 253.752.4069]

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