Appasionato and the fish

What i blew my paycheck on this week

By Jennifer Johnson on October 25, 2007

Appasionato Salon

I attended a sweet youth party at Appassionato last week. Their image studio is tucked back in a remodeled house off Pacific Highway in Fife. When I realized these were some of the same ladies that had Remedy 450 (formerly located on St. Helens in Tacoma) I immediately signed up for a microdermabrasion treatment ($115) from the list of very well-priced services. These talented ladies specialize in results-oriented skincare that doesn’t leave out the relaxation part. Now that’s multi-tasking.

Appasionato has services for women and men (smart guys know they need maintenance, too).  Looking that closely at my face made me want new makeup and lo and behold, they sell one of my favorite lines: Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. Plastic surgeons trust it for women who have undergone intense laser resurfacing. It’s light, feathery and completely made of minerals — no fake junk here, and covers blemishes and discolorations, especially redness, like a freakin’ dream.

Appassionato offers professional beauty services for all types of events: weddings, stage performances, lectures and super sexy vixen Halloween parties. You can’t pull off that Pamela Anderson costume if you don’t have the Hollywood makeup to go with it. Also offered, chemical peels, ultrasonic facials, waxing and tinting and hair services. After my abrasion session, I’m looking into lash and brow tinting.

Have no fear, faithful readers; I’ll keep you informed with my results.

[Appasionato Salon, 1404 Willow Road E., Fife, 253.973.9364]

Betta Mansion

Almost two years ago I purchased a Thai Fighting Fish, or Betta, and named him Lover. You see, I’d just broken up with my boyfriend and thought it hilarious. Weird? Maybe. But it allowed me to walk into my house and call out, “Hellllooooo Lover” in my best Sarah Jessica Parker coveting spendy Manolo Blahniks voice.

Why a fish and not something furry and cuddly to keep the blankets warm? If the fish died (PETA, cover your ears) I could flush it or better yet, take it back to Betta Mansion and get a new one with their awesome fish guarantee. They’ll give you a new aquatic friend if yours croaks or gets ill, as I painfully discovered when Lothario, my newly-purchased black and gold Betta ($35), got fin flop and flopped no more.

Specializing in these stunningly beautiful fish, the fish color variety is astounding: red, blue, teal, sea foam green, purple, white, orange. The creative blown glass bowls used to house them are almost as captivating.

[Betta Mansion, 1903 Jefferson Ave., Tacoma, 253.722.2000]