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Adventurous eating

Try Hong Sheng Fung. You\'ll like it.

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Hong Sheng Fung, or The Pot Sticker, opened mid-July in a strip-mall right off 82nd and South Tacoma Way. High ceilings, bright white walls, large lush plants and banks of windows make the medium size, one-room restaurant comfortable. A window on the side of the building allows a sneak peak right into the kitchen where owner and chef Jennifer Chang turns out plates for brave eaters and those looking for the tried and true.

While the menu is not extensive, it does offer a chance to try some authentic Chinese dishes prepared using Chang’s family recipes. Perfectly formed man doo (dumplings) are made by hand, stuffed with pork or beef and minced veggie mixture served either steamed, fried or boiled with 10-15 per order ($5.95) in a traditional bamboo steam box. Korean banchan (traditional appetizers) consisting of little dishes of sliced pickled radish, cucumber, tangy kim-chi (fermented chili pepper cabbage), and fresh veggies along with steamed rice and black bean sauce accompanied the dumplings. An order of Hun Baow, a much larger version of the dumplings, was a meal in itself. Each individual one was the size of a tennis ball pleasingly made of thick dough served with dipping sauces. An enormous combination plate of shrimp, chicken and jellyfish was impressive ($16.95).

Jellyfish cut in long wiggly ribbons with shredded cucumber and vinegar nestled against cold thin slices of roast chicken breast (subtle hint of anise?), and sweet steamed shrimp. Both lay on a bed of long slices of Korean cucumber. The jellyfish’s unusual texture was a challenge for this unaccustomed jellyfish eater, but the flavor completely won me over. Tiny bowls of tangy, spicy and sweet sauces added to the taste whirlwind.

Next trip, I’ll try pettitos — pork feet with garlic sauce ($8.95). Familiar dishes of sweet-and-sour pork, shrimp fried rice, fried prawns, garlic beef, General Tao’s chicken, and spicy chicken wings are also offered. Open for lunch and dinner. — Jennifer Johnson

[Hong Sheng Fung, 8302 South Tacoma Way, Lakewood, 253.588.1880]

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