Psychic Fair

saturday, sept. 1 / dome district, downtown tacoma

By Jennifer Johnson on September 6, 2007

Bright shiny sunshine is hard to deny, but so is having an internationally known psychic read your cards or having your aura photographed. Tacoma’s Psychic Fair takes place the first weekend of every month at Crystal Voyage Wellness Center in the shadow of the Tacoma Dome.

“There’s 11 to 13 practitioners and readers that come to offer services at our psychic fairs,” explains owner Crystal Stone. “Carmen Murray is a seer and visionary artist who draws renditions of a person’s spirit guide while Arlene Arnold captures your aura in a photo and then does an Interpretation of the colors and what they mean.” 

Practitioners offer everything from handwriting analysis, color and music therapy to tarot, intuitive and angel card readings. The point of this and what people take away from it is personal and unique to each individual. Simply, it’s about self-love and moving forward in one’s life in a positive manner.