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Justin Timberlake

JT hits the T-Dome Saturday

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Justin Timberlake is coming to the Tacoma Dome Saturday, and this presents a dilemma.

Do I come out in favor of JT or not? It’s a heavy decision.

There are plenty of reasons why throwing my support behind JT in the Weekly Volcano would be a risky move. He was in N’Sync, after all. (If I tell you I think JT has talent, doesn’t that make me as bad as Lance Bass?) Alpha Dog bordered on ridiculous. And if folks really want to dig, there’s that whole Mickey Mouse Club connection that’s enough to weird anyone out.

But (and I’m risking major credibility with most of my peer group here), Justin Timberlake is pretty fucking good.

There, I said it.

I don’t dance. I don’t groove. And I’ve rarely been referred to as sexy. But it doesn’t take a doctor of hip-hop or a sexy-ologist to hear Justin Timberlake produces some of the more exciting sounds pouring out of dance clubs and teen-age bedrooms these days.

Where others in the genre Timberlake calls home seem content to regurgitate tired beats and ass-shots down our dumbed-down, pop thirsty throats, Timberlake at least has the common decency to challenge the standards, try new things, and most importantly…

Bring sexy back.

That took balls.

Justin Timberlake will hit the Tacoma Dome this Saturday, Sept. 8. Think what you will of him. What does he care? He’s fucking Justin Timberlake. — Matt Driscoll

[Tacoma Dome, 7:30 p.m., $48.50-$151 at Ticketmaster, 2525 E. D St., Tacoma, 253.272.3663]

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