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Rock N Roll Craft Show

The genius will be released on DVD next Thursday

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I‘ve said it before here in the pages of the Weekly Volcano, but this time it’s true. The Rock N Roll Craft Show is coming, and its domination is imminent. 

What is the Rock N Roll Craft Show, you ask.  And why will it soon dominate your life?

Well, if you’re a square or a popped collar punk, it probably won’t, but if you’re anything like the gritty, cigarette smoking, cheap booze drinking, toxin ingesting, broken dreams having, crazy look in your eye Tacoman I know and love, this will be your show. 

Created by York Sandifer — better known around these parts as “Yorkatron” — the Rock N Roll Craft Show is a Tacoma-bred mix of arts, crafts, tattoos, explosives, expletives, drugs, dark comedy and genius. Or as it states on the show’s MySpace page,, “The show is about conquering the feminine based craft conspiracy!  The rock n roll craft show is a variety show that has a basic structure: every episode will include a kick ass crafting instructional, a special guest, ridiculously dry dark humor skits, and a musical guest to close the show.  Of course we will do fun s*** like teach you how to make cocktails, cheat your friends out of money and how to date really hot chicks when you’re a smoker.”

Get it?

After, literally, years of hype surrounding Yorkatron’s project, the Rock N Roll Craft Show will finally debut next Thursday, Oct. 2, at the Emerald Queen Casino. It’ll be your chance to come get drunk with Yorkatron and his many buddies who’ve helped make the show possible, not to mention set your eyes on the premiere episode of a show that — if all is right in the world — will scar Tacoma forever.

Yorkatron was nice enough to send me a copy in advance, and all I can say is — prepare to be blown away. The Rock N Roll Craft Show is everything you’ve always known Tacoma has the potential to be.

I caught up with Yorkatron this week to get his take on the Rock N Roll Craft Show debut and prison fighting with Martha Stewart.

WEEKLY VOLCANO: At long last the official unveiling of the RRCS is upon us. Describe your feelings. 

YORKATRON: Scared. Nervous. Relieved. Now that it’s done I’m pretty anxious to see what happens at the Emerald Queen. With any risk or creative endeavor there is always this fear that people will stand there mortified at what we have done. 

VOLCANO: How long is this night in the making? Were there times when you doubted whether or not you’d be able to reach this point, or did you never waiver?

YORKATRON: Five years of development. Yorkatron wavered, hell yes. The crew wavered, hell yes. I’ve quit this beast a thousand times, drug it behind me when no one believed in it, coerced so many people to help against their will and chosen to support the show instead of eat. It’s caused all out war with our girlfriends and pissed off our friends, but in the end it’s goddamn electric. 

VOLCANO: Why does Tacoma need the RRCS?

YORKATRON: Tacoma is the second greatest city in the world. It doesn’t need s***, we need Tacoma. This place is a haven for washed-up drunks and broken dreams. It’s depressing, and everyone loves to hate it. Tacoma breeds an odd niche in every artist, musician and person where we all get it. We have our own brand of humor here where we know everything is pretty f***ed but that’s what makes it funny. 

VOLCANO: What is your plan moving with the RRCS? What happens now?

YORKATRON: Right now we are in the process of putting together a distribution deal for this episode and getting it into the hands of the people in control of late night television. With a little luck and some networking skills this dog might just hunt. The whole goal here is to get us a syndication deal on some freaky spooky network where all they do is play late night reruns of quantum leap anyway. 

VOLCANO: Should squares be afraid of the RRCS?


VOLCANO: Who, besides yourself, deserves some credit? 

YORKATRON: We would need a whole issue of the mighty Weekly Volcano to cover everyone, but this project is definitely a reflection of the many brilliant people that backed it. The main crew of die hard cast members are Mac, RJQ, Levi the Swift, Kirk, Eric, and Rex Everything. These guys live and die the show just like me, and we don’t care who thinks we are stupid.

VOLCANO: If Yorkatron and Martha Stewart got into a prison yard altercation, and both parties were packing shanks made from old toothbrushes, who would win? 

YORKATRON: Yorkatron’s got some moves. He’s pretty good with a blade. A toothbrush is fine but I’d usually resort to a sharpened spork with bent teeth. I would let Martha get in close and stick me once to let her feel good about it. Then I’d paint my face with the blood from my liver, let her come in for the kill, duck her weak ass attempt at a neck blow, and with a mighty plunge of my toothbrush-shank pin her foot to the prison yard floor and watch her try to get loose. Then I’d kick her in the neck, and as she lies wounded and crushed before bleeding to death from her gaping foot wound I would sign myself into her will, use her body as a shield to escape my captors, buy a small country and a ’53 Porsche, and marry a red headed woman I will later divorce.

[Emerald Queen Casino, Rock N Roll Craft Show DVD Premiere Party, Thursday, Oct. 2, 9 p.m., 2024 E. 29th St., Tacoma,]

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