Me and Mr. Bones

I get a tattoo

By Jasmine Johnson on July 26, 2007

My friend and I had our navels pierced for my 17th birthday at Dagon’s Lair in Lakewood. I was absolutely petrified to get it pierced — I hate needles. I sat nervously waiting for my name to called. Finally a young man with tattoos and piercing all over his body, looking like a rock star, said it was my turn. His name was Bones, his real name, nothing to do with his skinny body. Bones is highly recognized and recommended in Lakewood for his work. He made me feel comfortable, explained his every move, and reassured me that his tools were sterile. He picked out a very cute titanium ring that had a baby pink jewel on the top and bottom. I loved it — my favorite color too. My friend Clarissa picked a green bar bell, that looks blue in certain lighting. I love my new piercing and can’t wait to go to Dragon’s Lair to buy more body jewelry.

[Dragon’s Lair, 6101 100th St. S.W., Lakewood, 253.722.5247]