The Swiss Kiss

Love Tacoma 2.0

By Carmen Jones on June 21, 2007

There was one event last week that still has my heart a-flutter.

Love Tacoma.

In case you hadn’t heard (where have you been?), Love Tacoma is a group of volunteers who are creating fun social and cultural events to unite 20-and 30-somethings throughout Tacoma.

What a novel idea!

So their inaugural event fell on a Tuesday, and I have to be honest, I was dragging my feet about going. I’m not a big fan of going out during the week because I already have a tough enough time getting up in the mornings.

However, the ever-skillful Natasha is one of the brilliant minds behind the group, and she dusted me off and forced me to go.

Geez Louise, am I glad that she did.

The first Love Tacoma gathering was at the Pacific Grill. At 5:30 p.m. the people started POURING in, and the lineup never seemed to stop.

After the fact, Natasha told me that more than 130 people were there. HOLY CRAP that’s hella heads, and they were all so uniquely beautiful.

Everyone seemed to be having a marvelous time drinking the signature Love Tacoma cocktail, noshing on the PG’s cheap happy hour treats, and meeting tons of new people. I met so many that I can’t remember many of their names, but I have an entire stash of business cards. Sweet!

The PG staff was pretty overwhelmed and there were a couple of cranky folks who were disappointed with the service, but what did people expect?! For real, 130 of us came crashing down on the PG all at once! I thought they handled it quite well.

With all negativity aside, the interesting thing was that nearly all seemed so excited about the function, and the fact that we are all in Tacoma, by choice. Take THAT, you stupid Seattle!

Natasha looked so cute with her little brown face and her white Love Tacoma hoodie. She pulled me aside in the middle of it all to crack a joke about how she hadn’t smiled that much since she did hallucinogenic drugs in college.

And between you and me, dear readers, I have to say that it was quite fun to sneak a gander at a stock of handsome, suited men that I’d never seen before. Maybe I’ll score a chance to actually meet a few of them at future Love Tacoma gatherings. I knew there was more to that name than what meets the eye.

The party started winding down by 7 p.m., and so many of the people went away with parting words like “It was really nice to meet you” and “I’ll see you at the next one of these for sure.”

Woah! — Nice work Love Tacoma team!!

So now that you know, you might want to reserve June 26 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. for the Swiss Kiss. Get the low down by digging on their Web site,

Dear Natasha, I swear I’ll never be grumpy about going to another one of these events again.


Loving softball, and my bed

My softball team won yet again on Friday night, and I pulled something off that I’m rarely able to do: I pulled a hit hard to right field. Woo hoo!!! The celebration beers at Cloverleaf went down nicely, but your little Carmen was so dog tired after a full week that I went home directly after to hit the hay. Ahhh, sleep!

Tearin’ it up in T-Town

On Saturday I met up with Mike the Lawyer, and we stopped in for a quick drink at Asado and then took on Club Masa. Umch, umch. It was so entertaining to watch the senioritas and the hombres getting down to Latin beats on Masa’s new dance floor. I was sure to rock it myself for a few songs. When we were done shakin’ that shack, we diverted to Doyle’s to draw yet another successful Saturday night to a close.

I love to practice

Now, as soon as I get done typing these words (I’m the best about meeting my deadlines), I’m going to ease on down to Doyle’s again for St. Practice Day (which happens on the 17th of every month). Fun!

If anything of high interest happens there, you’ll be the first to know.


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