Should I drop my peeps?

By Jessica Corey-Butler on June 28, 2007

It’s a dilemma.

I find out weekly, sometimes daily, about people offering services and doing them really well, sometimes at really good costs. Things like massages, waxing, pedicures, manicures, hair cuts, hair coloring, are brought to my attention, and I get to meet fabulous professionals who rock my world.

And then there’s that loyalty thing.

I love my peeps, those who have been my providers for services since, like, forever. I feel like a married hot chick in a singles bar — so many options, all so interesting … and yet …

So I put this to you, dear readers: What do you do when you want to change providers for spa services? Just fail to make follow-up appointments? How do you explain situations if providers are good friends? And have you ever been placed in the awkward position of finding a provider in your existing salon who you wish to change to, but don’t know how to explain that to your current provider?

Tell me what you do at; put “hairchat dilemma” in the subject line.

Thanks for your loyalty! — Jessica Corey-Butler