Rock solid

Rock Wood Fired Pizza amazes in Federal Way

By Jake de Paul on June 7, 2007

It’s a real challenge to feel and look manly while guzzling out of a blue kiddie’s bucket with a yellow shovel as a swizzle stick. I’m sitting in The Rock Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits’ newest location in Federal Way listening to Led Zeppelin, and I’m surrounded by masculine bikers, classic rockers and hip-hoppers who probably drink alcohol mixed with ground espresso, Red Bull and/or gunpowder. I’m drinking The Bucket, a five rum mai tai-like drink that, although it takes balls to drink, still comes in a little blue bucket.

The Rock’s packed dining room full of families forced me into the bar, which was filled with manly men drinking beneath ESPN while classic rock filled the entire building at the perfect sound level for both conversation and rocking out.

Like its predecessors, the new Federal Way location features The Rock’s industrial rock and roll décor; however, this location takes the atmosphere to an 11 with high ceilings, crumbling brick walls, rusted steel, ghost-flamed bathroom stalls and, of course, rock and roll — guitar chandelier, stage lighting, roadie boxes for bar storage and table tops, semi truck rear doors, and skeletons. Yes, a “Pirates of the Caribbean”-like skeleton with a spraypaint can and another playing guitar with flames shooting out. Yo-ho-ho and a bucket full of rums!

The menu is the same as the original location in downtown Tacoma with more than 20 rock-themed signature pizzas to choose from, or if you really can’t decide, simply pick your own fresh toppings for the cooks to spread across the sauce before being smothered in cheese and sliding that bad boy into a wood-fueled authentic brick oven.

[The Rock Wood Fired Pizza, 34817 Enchanted Pkwy. S., Federal Way, 253.835.7625]