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North Point Bar and Grill’s Lemondrop Martini

Smokin\' and drinkin\'

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As Tater Tot and I enter the North Point Bar and Grill, we’re struck by the odor of booze, cigarettes, and cheap perfume. At first, I think my Aunt Hilda must be in the building, but then I realize that this is just the typical North Point smell, and yes, I did say cigarettes. You can smoke in this joint due to it’s tribal location.

I think the special olfactory ingredient making the difference is the chick at the end of the bar, who, by the way, is loudly insisting that she loves everyone in the room, “forever.” I guess she’s talking to the four guys shooting stick, the two playing darts, the couple chowing on burgers and the three chicks looking over the karaoke books (even though the joint hosts karaoke Wednesday through Sunday). Briefly I wonder how much booze it will take for us to feel even tolerant acceptance of our fellow humans. I decide, as usual, to try and find out.

So, we order two lemondrop martinis, which are the North Point’s friendly bartender’s answer to “What’s the house drink?”  I found out it’s also the answer to “What’s your strongest drink?” 

Just then a couple of guys come in raving about how some poor sonofabitch just lost control of his car and nicked The Olde Shipwreck club down the hill. “He was out there revving his car like it’s in neutral — it ain’t goin’ no place!” one of the guys says. “Fucker ran away.” I know what this guy’s talking about. As any seasoned boozer knows, the first rule of drinking is: When faced with trouble of any kind, leave. Immediately.  No matter if you love everyone or not.

[North Point Bar & Grill, 6210 29th St. N.E.. Tacoma, 253.927.7767]

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