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RR Anderson’s imitation of reality

â€Å"Automatic Drawings’ creator discusses art, milkshakes, and Ben Franklin

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The Weekly Volcano, entity interest piqued about RR Anderson after observing a certain drama unfold on the Tacoma Arts Listserv, and after seeing the meticulously wrought surrealist artwork showing now at Mineral, caught up with Anderson to get to know what makes the artist tick, so to speak. 


RR ANDERSON: Art is an imitation of reality used to promote a particular perspective within reality. To the cunning artist, anything can be art. That’s why if you look up art in the dictionary you’ll only get lame snow-job definitions.  If you ask an artist, you may even get pretentious melodramatic answers like: “Art is standing on a barren mountain peak, fists clenched up at the night sky screaming, ‘I’m not going to drink your bullshit milkshake!’”

People who think they can convey anything meaningful defining art are profoundly mistaken.

VOLCANO: What is your ultimate goal with your art?

ANDERSON: Initially my goal was to captivate the imaginations of key Tacoma players — unsuspecting recruits who actively seek out my branded entertainment and through word of mouth propagate the idea of my art into other like-minded adventure seekers.  My ultimate goal is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem of participatory audience. Think: Ze Frank meets Tacoma with underground cartoons.

VOLCANO: What is your ultimate life goal?

ANDERSON: A) To stay curious, skeptical and in good humor.  B) To produce an heir to the Holistic Forge Works empire, Richard Cosimo Anderson (boy or girl). C) To live and die with a fist full of sharp #2 pencils … all twenty-four full unused pink erasers pointed to the stars.

VOLCANO: You have created quite a stir on the Tacoma Arts Listserv.  How do you want people to react to your art?

ANDERSON: I’d like readers to react in a way they find most natural.  Hopefully a select few will appreciate the meticulous planning and subtle jokes I endeavor to instill within my work. I anticipate not everyone will be amused, but that is the beauty of it. The fact that folks are angry, folks are confused, is a boon to people in on the joke.

Anyhow don’t take my word for it, go to the Mineral and see for yourself. People have until June 30. Go! 

VOLCANO: Whom do you most admire?

ANDERSON: I’m a big fan of Ben Franklin.  The dude was a machine.  He was the Bruce Lee of the printing press. He invented people all the time and got folks riled up to make points, but mostly for his own amusement. Ben Franklin was an inventor, agitator, swimmer, pioneer electrician, lover of French women and a nudist.  Ben Franklin would punch the WASL square in the face. Ben Franklin would crane kick corporate engineered pop culture out the freakin’ window.  Ben Franklin would encourage children to act like pirates in pursuing their own education.  Ben Franklin would bludgeon President Bush to death with his own Franklin-stove hardened penis.  Most of all Ben Franklin taught me how to have fun.

[Mineral, RR Anderson’s “AUTOMATIC DRAWINGS,” through June 30, 627 St. Helens, Tacoma, 253.576.1841]

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