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Green Toe, Dwell and Chuckals

What I spent my paycheck on this week

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Happy, green toes

I love me some comfy shoes, and I love me some win-win situations.

At Dante’s, I found both of these things, especially when it came to the Simple brand sandals in the Green Toe line — these puppies will keep my piggies happy with simply divine comfort, and they’ll keep the environment happy with their construction with an eye to sustainability.

And they’re cute, too!

Also piquing my interest: Earth shoes with a negative heel technology — “Like walking on a treadmill with a 3.7-degree incline,” per Earth literature — it’s intriguing to think I can get a vegan shoe that will help my posture even while (potentially) helping me maximize the benefit of each step I take.

I have a feeling my next shoe investment will be a pair of happy little Chaco flip-flops: these have the sort of orthopedically molded foot bed that will make my doc smile, with that patented flip-flop ease that will  make me smile.

O, happy feet!

[Green Toe, 101 N. Capitol Way, Olympia, 360.357.8319]

Happy clean desk

Organizationally, I will admit to having been somewhat inadequate.

It could have been that the state of my desk — and the various mountains of paperwork heaped around it like a sort of raised relief map of the Olympic Range — would send the standard anal-retentive accountant types into severe emotional distress, the sort that only months of intensive cognitive behavioral therapy could heal.

I’m pleased to say, not anymore!

I threw myself into an organizational frenzy that included painting a wall in the office with magnetic paint for kid-art display, devising a storage/paperwork system that I can live with (the Web site See Jane Work initially saved my life) and actually — gasp — cleaning, and purging.

Fortunately, there was shopping involved.  Yes, the stand-by big-box purchases were made (Target for a nifty storage shelf, Lowes for the magnetic paint) and there was the fun and frivolous purchase — nifty French file folders from Dwell — but I was most excited about finding an office supply store downtown where I could get my Rolodex needs met.

Chuckals has more than you’d ever dream of needing, Rolodex-wise, and though they’re not open as a showroom, I went in, catalog shopped, and will-called my purchase the following day.

Now? My desk does everything but write for me.


[Chuckals, 2215 Pacific Ave., Tacoma 253.620-2350]   

[Dwell, 2716 N. 21st St., Tacoma, 253.761.1889]

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