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3 inches of blood

Two medieval metal shows

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Old-school metal holds a dear place in my heart, and I’m proud to say I never condoned the crap that those doll-faced boys spewed out in the ’80s.  Saxon, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were more to my liking, as they didn’t water down the music but rather poured gasoline on the flames.  With screaming-for-vengeance vocals, razor sharp guitar riffs, and thunderous drumming, 3 Inches of Blood plays the type of metal that would make Rob Halford proud. 

Since 2000 3IOB has been terrorizing cities with its medieval tales of pillaging unsuspecting victims and fair maidens.  The Canadian sextet features, not one but two, singers in Cam Pipes (clean vocals) and Jamie Hooper (shrieked vocals), and the dual guitar assault of Sunny Dhak and Bobby Froese.  The rhythm section couldn’t get much tighter as brothers Rich Trawick (bass) and Geoff Trawick (drums) grew up perfecting their sound. 

The band dropped its first full-length, Battlecry Under a Winter Sun, in 2003.  The disc was a throw-back to the classic heavy metal of the late ’70s, with galloping riffs and ear-shattering vocals.  3IOB is preparing to unleash its third thrashing, Fire Up the Blades (Roadrunner Records), next month.

[Hell’s Kitchen, Two Shows: with Book Of Black Earth, Darkness Stole The Sky, Left Alive, 5 p.m. all ages; with Violence Unfolds, Severus, Mos Generator, 9 p.m., 21+; $10 each, 3829 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.759.6003]

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