Deb Hamilton and Megan Stein

Look what they\'re wearing!

By Jessica Corey-Butler on April 26, 2007

Deb Hamilton recently sported a sweater-dress confection made by her friend Megan Stein. 

Stein crafted the dress from two sweaters, very similar to how Pretty in Pink’s Andie Walsh created her own prom dress, which is an apropos connection, as Hamilton is wearing the dress to an ‘80s theme party.

Hamilton and Stein are in the same crafting group, where they engage in random acts of creativity. Another of Hamilton’s random creative acts is her hair, which she admits, somewhat sheepishly, to cutting herself.  Is her chosen profession cosmetology, where she shares her mad shearing skills with the masses? 

No, her profession would be high school English teacher. Impressive.

Hamilton’s shoes are spiffy sneakers courtesy of her friend Natalie Gulsrud, who poses next to Hamilton in an original Jessica McClintock confection courtesy of Hamilton’s closet (“my costume source,” she confesses), which was also her shoe source.