Alexa Folsom-Hill’s surprise party

Tuesday, April 24 / Valhalla Hall, Tacoma

By Jessica Corey-Butler on April 26, 2007

Some people turn 25 quietly, fading into the realm of “elderly.”

Others, such as Alexa Folsom-Hill, go into that realm in a theatrical fashion, though not necessarily by her own accord.

Kate Monthy covertly planned a surprise ‘80s-themed shindig for Folsom-Hill, inviting friends to the new MLKBallet home at Valhalla Hall (a tres-cool ballroom on the top o’the hill) with a “shhhhh, it’s a surprise” e-mail.

Birthday girl and guests were treated to food, drink and entertainment courtesy of DJ JoMama, the Matt Coughlin Band (who did a wicked Brittany Spears cover) and DJ Lulu Spice.

Kids had fun, grown ups had fun, and the prom queen of 1982 was radiant.