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Afternoon delight

Bar-hopping around Tacoma on a Saturday

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This week I was able to sneak something in that I really, really enjoy — I like to call it Afternoon Delight.

I’m sorry to let you down by saying that it doesn’t include early evening sex, but sometimes it’s just as much fun.

I love to take a sleepy Saturday and turn it into a bar-hopping festival. The Afternoon Delight is the buzz that I often get in doing so.

Since so many people believe that it’s sacrilege to drink during the day, I appreciate it all the more, and this week I was able to convince two people of this very same value.

The Husky and Daredevil Danny joined in on the carefree conga line, and we found that there are people all over Tacoma who like the Afternoon Delight, too.

It all started at Wow’s with some super late breakfast, a few bottles of mimosas, and all of the ‘80s music that we played in the juke box. I’m not at all ashamed to say that I think Bon Jovi’s

“Wanted Dead or Alive” is one of the best songs EVER.

After that little round of chaos, we saddled up at the Swiss and the beautiful Bambi-eyed bartender, Joy took care of us. One of the things that I like to brag about during the Afternoon Delight is being at an establishment long enough to experience a shift change. This is especially good at the Swiss when Alan, Monkey, Slick, Bob, Scooter, Taylor and James show up on the scene.

Even though The Husky was suffering through some serious sleep deprivation at that point, he powered through because a man as fine as he intrinsically believes in the truth that is the Afternoon Delight.

As a safety precaution, we ditched the driving and hopped in a cab that went straight to Sixth Avenue for some Masa and Asado awesomeness. We were surrounded by so many good people, including All-Star Kevin, the hippest planning commissioner this city has ever seen, the Rev. Steve Naccarato, and Lovely Miss Renee. 

Alas, I have to admit that sometimes the Afternoon Delight gets the best of me because the details at the end of the evening are quite foggy, and the only evidence I have is the fact that I made a cab call at 12:30 a.m. But I wound up with all of my belongings and some money to spare. I woke up in my cozy PJs (alone), and overall, I know this one thing for sure:

This last Saturday was chocked full of lots and lots of winks and giggles.

Skyrockets in flight — Afternoon Delight!

Ruston rundown on Thursday

To celebrate the change in season, I headed to Katie Downs on Thursday with one of my old high school flames for some halibut and chip treats. I’m very much looking forward to spending more time on Katie Downs’ deck during the spring and summer.

My college buddy Scott must have had the same idea, because we ran into him having dinner with his parents.

After, we took a casual stroll along Ruston Way, which was full of the usual exercise junkies such as Sultry Sarah, and restaurant goers such as Tantalizing Tami.

The evening drew to a close with some quality time at my house.

Don’t distress, though, dear readers, your Carmen Jones doesn’t want a boyfriend because I’m much more fun this way, and I’m way better off without dem boys.

The hula countdown is on!

The clock is ticking faster and faster and I’m just a few weeks away from hopping on that jet plane for my trip to Hawaii from April 20 to 30.  I’ll be spending a week with one of my greatest friends from college, Jeanne, on Oahu; and then I’ll fly to Maui the last weekend for my best friend from high school’s wedding. Hooray Tate and Mia!  I’m not taking any time off from this Weekly Volcano gig, though, because I’m pretty damn sure that the island adventures I’m about to embark upon will be SO worth the reports.

Because naturally, I can’t wait to get leid.

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