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Dame Lola plus getting crafty

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There is nothing on the planet that inspires warm, fuzzy, happy, elated feelings quite like a perceived good bargain.

Throw in a really good bargain and you can amp that emotion up about 17,000 notches.

So there I was at Dame Lola picking up my long-forgotten AG cords, busted apart by my formerly expanding bottom and now mended by Marianne’s Dressmaking and Alterations. 

In the process, I decided to get my favorite ever, most comfortable Earnet Sewn jeans hemmed just a gnat-hair, because I’m all about maximizing my time. 

I spied, with my little eye, red patent shoes, Hudson black jeans and an amazing Velvet brand wrap dress. 

The Hudson black jeans? Cameltoe. Not a good look.

But the wrap dress was perfect in ways I don’t have words to explain.  I can see me in it in jeans; I can see me in it in hose, in heels, in flats. It’s a freakin’ awesomely comfy-cool dress. Mmmmm.

And the best of it?  The shoes.  The adorably perfect crimson-red patent ballet flats I knew wouldn’t fit.

I put them on.

They did fit.

The shoes were originally expensive — like, nearly $100.  The shoes were on sale — like, not quite $30.

They were mine, mine, mine, and I skipped out of the store singing a happy, happy song.

[Dame Lola, 711 St. Helens, Tacoma, 253.272.4140]

Many bags, one room

The wee one’s room, well on its way to completion, necessitated shopping.  Stop one: Artco Crafts. Inexpensive frames plus custom matting mean that the Cicely Barker postcards I planned the room around will all be grouped merrily. Choosing the matting also meant that the palest of pinkest paints with a soft margarita green accent will be just the thing.

Fred Meyer provided me with paint, drop cloths, a couple of pillows, and wine, because no project is complete without sipping through it.

T.J. Maxx was my bedding source: Nautica sheets and a fancy Italian duvet cover made me happy, but the duvet cover didn’t work in the wee one’s room, so now, in addition to redoing the office formerly known as “child’s bedroom” I will be redoing the master as well — because the scarlet and white duvet cover dictates it.

[Artco Crafts, 5401 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.759.9585]

[Fred Meyer, 4505 S. 19th St., 253.756.9322]

[T.J. Maxx, 3216 S. 23rd, Tacoma, 253.272.4422]

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